Patient financing in Denver, CO has been gaining popularity as a means for medical professionals in private practices and large healthcare centers to ensure a steady cash flow, while simultaneously making bills easier to pay for their patients. An Overview Of Patient Financing In Denver Not too long ago, only a few medical facilities could

Fix and flip projects look easy, when you are watching them on our favorite do-it-yourself cable network. What those shows do not show viewers is how hard it is to get the right financing for a project. Denver, CO house flippers are using bridge loans to take care of the more immediate expenses involved in

Finding the right lender for small business loans in Denver, CO can be challenging for local entrepreneurs. With banks employing higher requirements for business owners, finding a lender that offers competitive rates and customized financial strategies may seem like an impossibility. For these reasons and more, Strato Capital Solutions offers this guide to finding the

The market for multifamily rentals in Denver, CO is taking off right now. A number of factors are causing this shift, but it also means multifamily rentals are great investment for those in the local commercial real estate business. What Are Multifamily Rentals In Denver, CO? Multifamily rentals in Denver, CO consist of multiple units

B2C financing in Denver, CO used to dominate big box stores and automotive dealerships. These days, more small businesses are shifting to the B2C financing model. Similarly, B2C financing in Denver, CO is sought after by consumers who are looking for more flexible payment options, rather than a large cash outlay for the products and

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for small businesses is the time it takes to process loan applications. To avoid these long time frames, and get access to funds faster, using term loans in Denver, CO is becoming the popular solution What Are Term Loans In Denver, CO? Term loans in Denver, CO offer local entrepreneurs

Commercial real estate in Denver, CO is exploding, with no end in sight. For larger projects, using mezzanine financing in Denver, CO is a recipe for success. What Is Mezzanine Financing? In Denver, CO mezzanine loans combine the benefits of debt financing with the advantages of equity funding. Additionally, mezzanine financing in Denver, CO is

For new and small business owners alike, one of the biggest challenges is getting approved for SBA loans. In order to get SBA loans in Denver, CO, there are a few things entrepreneurs can do before they even meet with a lender. We have put together a short list of things to put together before

One of the hottest industries in Denver, CO right now is commercial real estate. Independent commercial real estate investors are learning from DIY television shows and are flipping houses, or converting them into multifamily residences. Ambitious property developers are taking on larger projects, such as ground-up construction for hotels and healthcare centers. Whatever the undertaking,

Small business owners in Denver, CO understand that offering budget-friendly payment options can help increase their customer base, as well as their bottom line. To that end, many Denver-based businesses are discovering a solution in consumer financing. Not Just For Large Corporations For the longest time, consumer financing was the domain of big box stores