annuityFlexible Annuity Financing

Strato Capital Solutions LLC offers innovative and flexible options for those looking to sell their annuity or structured settlement. Whether you are looking to sell the annuity or settlement in its entirety or only a portion of the payments, we can get you the cash you need.

Benefits of Settlement and Annuity Financing

Working with Strato Capital Solutions LLC for your structured settlement or annuity financing will enable you to financial freedoms and options such as:

  • Customized options for individual circumstance
  • Cash for inherited annuity
  • Lump sum payout
  • Handle unexpected expenses with liquidity
  • Position assets for easy inheritance
  • Avoid high surrender charges

Financing Process

The first step to structured settlement & annuity financing is to gather some information including:

  • Date of first payment
  • Date of last payment
  • Payment amount
  • Frequency
  • Insurance company
  • Policy number

Then we discuss your financial goals and desired outcomes. We can discuss the sale of the entire annuity or settlement or a portion (some of the payments, portion of all payments, etc). Once we have this information from you, we are able to produce a quote for your review.

Contact Us Today

Whether you have a structured settlement or an annuity, we can help you get the cash you need up front. Our company is committed to exceptional customer service and smart financial practices. To learn more about our flexible financing options, please contact us today.