bridgehardmoney_imageBridge Loans and Hard Money

Companies that need money in a short amount of time and do not have time to wait for a traditional loan to go through are invited to receive a quick and effective source of capital from Strato Capital Solutions. Our highly experienced professional financial consultants offer hard money and bridge loans that will help you meet your most pressing financial obligations in a timely manner. Thanks to our professional and mutually-beneficial relationships with private investment firms, we will always have the capital you need, right when you need it.

The term “bridge financing” refers to a short-term loan that is designed to meet the pressing financial needs of large or small corporations. This type of loan is intended as a temporary financial solution until other sources of lending are able to come through. Traditional loans involve an application, review, and approval process that can often be very lengthy and time-consuming. When you simply do not have the luxury of waiting for standard sources of funding, a bridge loan can meet your financial needs in a quick and efficient manner. If your company is just barely starting up, or if you are struggling and cannot meet your financial obligations, come sit down with one of our financial professionals and allow us to help you choose the ideal financial product from our extensive portfolio.

To find out more about how our bridge and hard money loans can help your business, contact us today.