mca_imageDiscover the Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances

Strato Capital Solutions LLC offers a Merchant Cash Advance program as an alternative to conventional financing for growing businesses. This type of financing, which is issued against future payments that will be coming into your merchant account, allows you flexibility and full discretion in deciding how to use your financing.

Program Details

We can offer up to $200,000 for each of your business locations. We accept sales made on all major credit cards, including Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We can make these funds available within 7 business days, and once you have them, you can use them for various purposes, from marketing to purchases to expansion.

Why Choose Cash Advances?

Many business owners find that merchant cash advances offer a few advantages over other types of financing. When you advance cash against your merchant account, you can do all of the following things:

  • Save money by avoiding application or closing fees
  • Avoid fixed obligations, since payments vary based on your merchant account income
  • Maintain all of your current equity
  • Pay back what you owe easily

These features can be especially advantageous for new businesses that are working to grow despite limited cash flow or capital.

Learn More Today

If you would like more information on our merchant cash advances, please call Strato Capital Solutions LLC. We will be happy to review the details of our financing or conduct a free analysis of your business to determine whether merchant cash advances are your best financing option.