Small Business Loans for All Business Types

At Strato Capital Solutions LLC, we specialize in SBA financing for small businesses. We take great pride in assisting other companies reach their potential through small business financing. Our streamlined loan process as well as our Preferred Financial services designation makes getting a small business loan for your business simple.

Commercial Real Estate Financing 

We offer SBA financing for commercial and industrial real estate ventures.  The loan can be for new construction, purchase, refinance, or renovation. Some business types eligible for financing include:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Auto dealerships
  • Gas stations
  • Retail shops

Existing Business Acquisition

We also offer loans for existing business purchases. Our loans are determined primarily from the company’s cash flow and management capabilities.  We offer up to 80% financing for a 15 year amortized loan. We can often prequalify loans within 48 hours.

Equipment Financing

Our small business loans are also available to business owners who need to make large equipment purchases including the following:

  • Medical equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Commercial printing and binging

Loan Types

At Strato Capital Solutions LLC, we offer several loan types to suit your individual business needs. Some of these include:

  • Loans up to $5,000,000-Flexible terms, competitive rates, up to 90% financing, fully amortized, up to 25 year terms, no pre-payment penalties
  • 7(a) Loans-most for-profit businesses are eligible(less than $6,000,000 in annual sales, manufacturing businesses with less than 500 employees, service businesses with less than 100 employees), up to 80% financing, up to 25 year terms, loan amounts ranging from $200,000 to $5,000,000
  • 504 Loans-up to 90% financing for real estate acquisition or construction, up to 80% financing for equipment acquisition, Strato Capital Solutions LLC provides up to 50% of total loan-to-value while SBA provides another 40%, up to 25 year terms for real estate loans and up to 15 year terms for equipment acquisition loans

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